Rabi Gangopadhyay is a distinct voice in the field of Bengali Poetry who is active for the last five decades. In order to directly communicate through the internet to the readers, his works are now being placed in the public domain.

It is for the initiated ones to discover the magic and joy, pain and sorrow, and beyond in these works. Practiced writing since childhood, his first published poem in class seven "Kajlandi" on Asansol's daily script in the autumn issue. Written in almost all the papers, small and big, published in the Bengali language, some stories and articles too. Some notable Newspapers where his poem published are Anandabazar, Desh, Jugantar, Amrit, Basumati, Weekly Vasumathi, Bharatbarsho, Poetry, Kolkata, Krittivas, Weekly Poetry, Daily Poetry, Purvasha, Chaturanga, Uttarasuri, Poets and Poems, Porichoy, Eksan, Pratikshan, Dhropodi, Kalpratima etc. ...More

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